About Us

Welcome to Paras Aerospace Technologies Ltd.

Paras Aerospace Pvt. Ltd. is a subsidiary company of Paras Defence and Space Technologies Ltd. We aim to become the leading Indigenous Technology Development company that provides solutions for various requirements of UAVs in India and world for both, hardware and software. We offer a wide range of Development, Integration, Manufacturing and Certification of UAV systems. The prime verticals of the company include Military UAV, Industrial UAV, Indigenous Payload Development, Regulatory Compliance Consultancy and an Agriculture focused UAV. We also offer end-to-end solutions across multiple domains, including NPNT Compliance Software, Perimeter Inspection Solutions, Agri-tech Solutions, Construction Monitoring, Energy (Power Grid, Solar & Wind), Forestry, Plant Inspection(Oil and Gas). Along with these we offer Engineering Consultancy to companies looking towards Drone Automation. The company has partnerships with leading UAV Technologists from Israel and Italy. Our flagship products are a Cloud based NPNT As A Service Software and Indigenous Multispectral Camera.